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Is Crab Island Child Friendly?

The simple answer to this question is Yes. However, some times and days you may have to be selective on where you park your boat.

Crab Island is a popular sandbar located in Choctawhatchee Bay in Destin, Florida. The sandbar attracts both locals and tourists throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall.

Crab Island is very family friendly on weekdays attracting tourist who want to enjoy the water, snorkel, relax on a float, paddle board and search for shells and sea life. There are floating restaurants, food and merchandise vendors and plenty of water activities for everyone.

Weekends are also family friendly but will attract more of a party crowd. If activities around your boat are no of your liking, you can easily walk your boat to a more comfortable area.

Holidays are family friendly but will also resemble the weekend crowd. Keep in mind, holidays are extremely crowded and will require advanced boating skills. Holidays are times you should consider a charter like Destin Pontoon Charters to get you there safely.

Water temperatures are also something to keep in mind with kids! March and April the water is still below 75 degrees. The best months for water temps are May-July, right before they get too warm and jellyfish start coming in.

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