History of Crab Island

Destination Crab Island

I often get asked, “Were did Crab Island come from”? Well the answer is not short but it is pretty interesting.

Crab Island was initially built with the excess sand from the dredging of East Pass. For several years it was actually out of the water and the locals referred to it as “Bird Island”. It was not long before Hurricane Eloise made an everlasting impact on the Destin Landscape. After Eloise, the island was transformed into a sand bar that covered almost 100 acres. It's almost like God knew we needed a place to anchor up and enjoy. Over the years Crab Island has become one of Destin’s most visited attractions by locals and tourist alike. Throw out your anchor and enjoy the shallow waters that are usually only knee to waist deep. Today, the island is filled with attractions and vendors to help make your day enjoyable.

Nothing says Destin the way Crab Island does. Next time you’re in town, charter a pontoon and let a local Captain show you the best day of your trip.

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